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    Breastfeeding, A Guide to Getting Started,(30 minutes) is for mothers of healthy babies. The ABCs of Breastfeeding, a beautifully illustrated instructional booklet is included.  This jewel of a video has just been revised and expanded. (in English and Spanish on the same DVD)

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    Breastfeeding is the most natural and healthy way to feed a baby, but it doesn't always come automatically. For many babies and mothers breastfeeding takes a little extra "hands-on" help. Using a case study of a new mother with latching difficulties and clear graphics, this video demonstrates the important steps. A new mother learns how to help her baby latch onto the breast and nurse comfortably and effectively. 

    The video has been expanded so a mother can learn how to build her milk supply even if baby is separated from her or cannot latch on and nurse effectively right after birth.  She can give her baby a little extra by hand expressing colostrum (early milk) onto a spoon and feeding it to her baby. If she returns to work or becomes separated from her baby, she will learn a technique to make electric pumping more effective and comfortable than simply relying on the pump alone.

    • Understand what "a good latch" means, and why it is so important.
    • Prevent sore nipples by learning how to position your baby and help him/her to latch on correctly.
    • Learn how to hand express early milk onto a spoon for your baby.  This helps to bring in a good milk supply and is a “must-learn” for the mother who becomes engorged.
    • Learn how to make pumping comfortable and effective.


" . . . a terrific video for mothers both prenatally and in the early post partum period. Dr. Morton does an excellent job at teaching newly delivered mothers the best way to latch their newborns at the breast. When new parents come into our breastfeeding clinic for early assistance with nursing, we typically share this wonderful resource."

Kathleen Huggins, RN, MS, IBCLC
San Luis Obispo, California
Author: The Nursing Mother's Companion

Photographer: Suzanne Arms


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